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What the hell is Rockpalast ? It is a german rock music tv show (and probably the greatest rock tv show in the world!) which broadcasts live ! Taped Rockpalast shows are known all over the world. The Archive has been revised further and updated. Info, data, setlists, disks-records-videos, Internet Links of the bands that played at Rockpalast Rocknights and Open Airs from 1977 to 1986, Rocklife 1990-1995 and Rockpalast 1995-1996. The picture archive also includes some new shows up to the present day.

All Rockpalast Nights 1. to 17. and all Open Air Pages are now available in english! Special thanks to Rachel Holznienkemper and her family and to Michaela Graham who made the translations!

Note! This is a private site, not an official Rockpalast or WDR Site. I'm in co-work with the Rockpalast Info-Line and in contact with the editors office (Nearly 30 years - from 1974 to 2003 Peter Rüchel did this job. His follower is Peter Sommer) You will find current information only on the official Rockpalast Homepage.

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New page: Bizarre Festival 2001
New page: Bizarre Festival 2000
New page: Bizarre Festival 1999
New page: Bizarre Festival 1998
Prince died! New page: Bizarre Festival 1997 New page: Bizarre Festival 1996
New pages: Loreley 1997, 1998 and 1999
David Bowie died!


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