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01. Is it possible for me to order Audio/Videos from Rockpalast concerts?

Unfortunately not! Neither WDR nor the Rockpalast Archive have permission to offer you tapes of the concerts, because of the rights. Concert audio/videos cannot be purchased anywhere. Please take note of the Audio/Video Request section, especially the legal conditions.
Here is a list of the available Rockpalast DVD's

02. Why don't you repeat some of the old concerts, like Patti Smith, Johnny Winter, ZZTop and so on?

The WDR doesn't have the rights for the first ten years of Rockpalast ( only very few exceptions). To find out more, take a look at the Audio/Video Request section. We have tried to get the rights for a few of the old shows numerous times, but it usually doesn't work out, because the bands don't want the shows to be aired, or it's too expensive.

03. How can I find some information on the band "XYZ" that played at Rockpalast?

Use the archive's entire list, either alphabetical or chronological (List Bands alpha.) - (List Bands chron.) These lists contain (to 99%) all Rockpalast concerts. The activated links lead you to information in the archive or the setlists or to the WDR Rockpalast Page. The archive covers the years 1974 - 1986, as well as the years 1995 - 1996 (will be continued). The WDR Rockpalast Page offers all up-to-date info since 2004.

04. How can I receive up-to-date info on Rockpalast and/or archive?

To be informed about all News in the archive check the news page!. For info on Rockpalast, just check out the WDR Rockpalast Homepage regularly. The best thing, is to subscribe to the Rockpalast Newsletter!

05. How can I find out, when shows are aired?

On the WDR Rockpalast Homepage, in the Rockpalast Newsletter or WDR Video Text. (WDR on Astra satellite all over Europe)

06. How can I find out tour dates?

On the WDR Rockpalast Homepage, in the Rockpalast Newsletter, by the Rockpalast Phone or by ads. The Archive News  inform about upcoming events.

07. How can I get in touch with other Rockpalast fans?

The Rockpalast Info-Line also helps to establish contacts. Use the Facebook Pages of  WDR Rockpalast or Rockpalast Archiv.

08. Where can I request reruns?

Via e-mail to or via snail to "Rockpalast WDR 50600 Köln, Germany". The editors try to bring as many wishes as possible to reality, but with so many new productions, reruns aren't always possible.

09. Are the archive and information also available on CD-ROM ?

We finished this service sorry!

10. Why are there barely any German bands that play for Rockpalast?

That's not a proven fact. About 20 % of  bands that played were from Germany.

11. Why don't you make music available in form of MP3?

There's one simple reason for that, it's called copy right. Unfortunately impossible.

You'll find a lot of Video streams on WDR Rockpalast Homepage !

12. Can I search in the Archive?

Yes, there is a search engine. There you can search for certain terms or band names. But it's important that you put the search term in quotation marks.
Example: not Baby Animals, but "Baby Animals". You can also use words like or - and - not.

13. Is the Archive an official Rockpalast Homepage?

No, I run the site privately. But I cooperate closely with the Rockpalast Info-Line (formerly Rockpalast Club). And I'm also in close contact with the editor (formerly Peter Rüchel now Peter Sommer).

14. Am I allowed to use pictures, sounds or the logo of the Rockpalast Archive?

Rockpalast Logo and Word is trademark of tv station WDR. Pictures are copyright by the archive. If you want to use theme you must have asked for permission and you must quote the source with link.

15. Why is the ninth Bizarre-Festival the first one I can find information on?

Because it was the first Bizarre-Festival that Rockpalast recorded.

16. Where is "Rerun - On Tour" gone ?

Topic Rerun/On Tour is not longer maintained. It was a lot of work and only a few surfers used it. For Rockpalast concerts and reruns look at the WDR Rockpalast Page.
For tour dates look at the ticket seller pages and for Festivals Den Festivalplaner of Visions.

17. Where are the Soundfiles ?

I permitted by law to offer Soundfiles. Look here for more No more Sound (in German).

18. I couldn't find the guestbook ?

The guestbook was deleted on October 30, 2006, reason was a lot of SPAM! Please use th Facebook Page of the Archive!

19. I'm looking for information of "Rockpop In Concert"?

Achim Nieleck has a list, there are no information by tv station ZDF available. Rockpop List

20. Wich Rockpalast shows are available on DVD?

Here is a list!

21. Is there no more  Bizarre Festival?

No. Here are some information (in german).

22. Is it possible to get a copy from the broadcasts?

It’s possible to get a copy from the latest broadcasts (of the last 3 month) from TV station WDR but it’s expensive!

To be continued!

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