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1. Open Air Festival Loreley 28.8.1982

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In memory of Chrissie Stewart 1946 - 2020 R.I.P.


Frankie Miller Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1982: Frankie Miller and his band will open at the televised live Rockpalast Open Air Concert at the Loreley. Frankie Miller comes from Glasgow. He was introduced to rhythm and blues at a young age: His mother had a strong liking for Ray Charles and Ella Firzgerald. After he acquired experience as a singer and guitarist in different bands, Frankie Miller moved to London. He quickly made a name for himself with his voice, his songs, and his renditions of rhythm and blues classics.

Miller was a guest singer for many bands, such as for Brinsley Schwarz and Procol Harum, and as a soloist, he released two Lps. One of these was recorded under the musical direction of the legendary Alain Toussaint in Atlanta. Since 1976, Frankie Miller has been putting new bands together, has continued to release outstanding records and has completed successful tours.

Today, he is one of the most respected singers of white rhythm and blues. Many other singers, such as Bob Seger, are influenced by him. Frankie Miller himself shows special qualities, particularly at live concerts. For one, he always has new and different variations to his own compositions; through his singing style, he transforms songs from other composers into his own renditions.

"Frankie Miller opened the concert at 4 p.m. Brigitte's first cut was perfect , everyone felt the special atmosphere of this day. At night in the hotel bar Frankie told us about his friendship with Bob Seeger. In concert, he quoted him with 'Fire Down Below', which, in turn was derived from Frankie's 'Ain't Got No Money'. Frankie Miller was our guest at the Loreley for the third time. He was especially happy that Rory Gallagher was part of the show."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Frankie Miller - voc, g
Chrissie Stewart - bass
Ed Dean - g, voc
Mick Weaver - keyb, voc
Malcolm Mortimore - drums


01  Ain't Got No Money                         (4'00'')
02  Zap Zap                                    (4'00'')
03  Be Good To Yourself                        (2'50'')
04  Fool In Love                               (2'40'')
05  All Coming Down Tonight                    (4'33'')
06  Angels With Dirty Faces                    (4'05'')
07  To Dream The Dream                         (4'15'')
08  Danger Danger                              (3'40'')
09  Standing On The Edge                       (3'10'')
10  The Jealous Kind                           (4'16'')
11  A Woman In Love                            (3'15'')
12  Down The Honky Tonk                        (3'55'')
13  Bad Case Of Loving You                     (3'20'')
14  Don't Stop                                 (7'20'')
15  Let's Spend The Night Together             (6'24'')


Once In A Blue Moon       (1973) Chrysalis CHR 1036
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... That's Who!           (2011) The Complete Crysalis Recording 1973-1980 4CDs
Live at Rockpalast        (2013) MIG 3 CD Box Set
Double Take               (2016) Universal


Live at Rockpalast        (2013) MIG 2DVD


FRANKIE MILLER - Maifestspiele Wiesbaden 06.05.1979
FRANKIE MILLER'S FULL HOUSE - WDR Studio-L Köln 03.06.1976
Frankie Miller official
Frankie Miller Wikipedia EN
Frankie Miller Wikipedia DE

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Eric Burdon WDR text 1982: Eric Burdon and his band will be coming to Germany from Los Angeles, Burdon's home at this time, just for their appearance at the Rockpalast Open Air Concert at the Loreley. You could fill books trying to tell Eric Burdon's full history and career. He was born in Newcastle, northern England, on May 19th, 1941. Just like Frankie Miller, he also listened to records from Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, and John Lee Hooker as a boy, and wanted to do something similar.

With 'The House of the Rising Sun', and as singer for the Animals in the '60s, Burdon was also one of the young white singers whose voice was immediately recognized. Always in search of new experiences and endeavors, musical and also just to get ahead, Burdon later formed 'The New Animals' and 'War', internationally very successful groups. In the '70s, Burdon had many bands with ever-changing formations and showed reverence to his first influences, (as in many of his lyrics), the blues, with an album recorded together with Jimmy Witherspoon.

Burdon worked for some time in Germany, played with German musicians and had the opportunity to devote himself to his second love, movies. He played in two movies from Christel Buschmann, with the leading role in 'Comeback'. Today, Eric Burdon does concerts and goes on tours when it's fun for him. He says to himself: "Even though I know from experience that being on the road can be excruciating in the long run, I keep coming back to it."

"Eric Burdon, who has done many different things in recent times (for example, the film 'Comeback'), brought his American band with him, which he had just put together. He once again proved his uniqueness as a singer and in his renditions of songs."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Eric Burdon - voc
Don Evans - g
Red Young - keyb
Terry Wilson - bass
Skip Van Winkle - keyb
Dennis Edwards - drums


01  The Road                                   (5'45'')
02  Sweet Blood Call                           (5'30'')
03  No More Elmore                             (6'05'')
04  Love Is For All Time                       (5'07'')
05  It's My Life                               (3'30'')
06  Don't Bring Me Down                        (3'20'')
07  We Gotta Get Out Of This Place             (8'30'')
08  Tango                                      (4'30'')
09  Heart Attack                               (5'00'')
10  River Deep, Mountain High                  (6'00'')


Eric Burdon Declares War           (1969) United Artists 282381 (WAR)
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Ultimate Rarities Vol. 1           (2008)
Ultimate Rarities Vol. 2           (2008)
Live in New Orleans                (2008)
Live in Hollywood                  (2008)
'Til Your River Runs Dry           (2013) Universal
When I Was Young MGM Recordings    (2019) esoteric 5CDs 1967-1968

Also all albums of: Animals - Eric Burdon & The Animals - Eric Burdon & The New Animals


Comeback                                                          (1984) MGM/UA
Animals & Beyond                                                  (1991) Atlantic
Live at the Coach House                                           (1999) Pioneer
The Eric Burdon Band Live                                         (2000) Woodhaven
Finally                                                           (2003) Warner
Yes, you can go home - On the road with Eric Burdon & The Animals (2003)
Live At The Venture Beach California                              (2008) mit Robby Krieger

Eric Burdon Books:

My Secret Life - Eric Burdon and J.Marshall Craig
Palmyra, 364p and CD, 2004

Eric Burdon Internet:

ERIC BURDON - WDR Studio-L Köln 21.04.1976
ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS - Rockpalast Kantine Köln 17.06.2004
Eric Burdon - the Animal official
Eric Burdon
The Eric Burdon Page
Ride on my boat
Eric Burdon Wikipedia EN
Eric Burdon Wikipedia DE
Eric Burdon Fotos Burg Herzberg 2009

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Wolfgang Niedecken Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1982: BAP emerged as a group in different phases in recent years. For all of those who still don't know: BAP = father in Kölsch slang (Cologne slang). Wolfgang Niedecken, an art student, now and then played his own songs and German versions from Dylan compositions in Cologne slang as openers at different concerts in Köln. As more and more people asked if it was possible to buy his music on record, Niedecken recorded his first LP with different musicians in 1979.

Today, BAP is a rock band, and Niedecken's lyrics are still in Kölsch, but in the meantime, the whole undertaking has become famous everywhere. The success of a tour through all of Germany showed that BAP doesn't have to have nearly as many explanations as they thought they would need in order to express what they wanted on-stage. Live concerts from BAP are events that not rarely last two and a half hours and only end after many encores. In the meantime, the group's popularity is so great that fans from different cities go to concerts together by bus; banners are just as normal as memorized song lyrics there. For their appearance at the Rockpalast, BAP has prepared some new songs which they'll introduce for the first time to a large audience.

One of the first high points in the history of our Loreley was surely BAP's appearance. Whoever still couldn't believe that this band not only meant something in Köln or around Köln, were finally taught something here. In their triumphant march through a number of regions, Rockpalast at the Loreley proved to be the crowning touch. BAP accepted ovations in the sold-out arena and finally became one of the most popular groups in Germany. From 'Verdammp lang her' to 'Kristallnaach' - the audience was flabbergasted. Even the trees that were filled with fans, danced.

"BAP's concert was one of the best in our Loreley history. The group had two strong frontmen with Wolfgang Niedecken and Klaus Heuser, the 'Major'. The audience gave back all the intensity they put intoo the show. Whoever said BAP,meant the whole band, of course - Schmal and Wolli Boecker, Steve Borg and Alexander Büchel. Incidentally, the first German band in a Eurovisions airing of Rockpalast."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

In the meantime, BAP have played seven times at Rockpalast. Markthalle Hamburg 28.11.1981, Loreley Open Air St. Goarshausen 28.08.1982, at the last rocknight 17.Rockpalast Rocknight the start of the American tour in Koblenz on November 18th, 1996, the gig at Musical Dome Köln November 22 1999 and the concert an der toten Brücke in Euskirchen 15.06.2001 were taped and aired. Together we celebrated the drei mal zehn Jahre Jubiläum in Cologne 14.and 15.January 2006 at Kölnarena. On  Dezember 9 2023 they have been back with Zeitreise 81/82 iSartory Sälen Cologne.


Wolfgang Niedecken - voc, g
Klaus Heuser (Major Healey) - g, voc
Manfred (Schmal) Boeker - percussion, voc
Wolfgang (Wolli) Boeker - drums
Steve Borg - bass, cello
Alexander Büchel - keyb


01  Ne Schöne Jrooß                            (6'00'')
02  Südstadt Verzäll Nix                       (3'40'')
03  Wenn Et Bedde Sich Lohne Däät              (4'30'')
04  Müsli Män                                  (4'14'')
05  Do Kanns Zaubere                           (4'04'')
06  Kristallnaach                              (5'30'')
07  Nit Für Kooche                             (4'20'')
08  10. Juni                                   (4'33'')
09  Helfe Kann Dir Keener                      (5'00'')
10  Anna                                       (3'45'')
11  Wellenreiter                               (2'15'')
12  Verdamp Lang Her                           (6'45'')
13  Frau Ich Freu Mich                         (6'24'')
14  Wie 'ne Stein                              (4'15'')
15  Jraaduss                                   (3'18'')


Rockt Andere Kölsche Lieder       (1979) Eigelstein 625368 
Affjetaut                         (1980) Eigelstein 625369 
Für Usszeschnigge                 (1981) Musikant 064-46438
Von Drinne noh Drusse             (1982) Musikant 066-6639
Bess Demnähx (Live)               (1983) Musikant 164-165 1953
Zwesche Salzjebäck un Bier        (1984) Musikant 066-146 9141
Ahl Männer aalglatt               (1986) Musikant 066-14 7134
Da Capo                           (1988) Electrola 066-770778
X für E U                         (1990) Electrola 068-795483
Affrocke  Live                    (1990) Electrola 168-797671
Pik Sibbe                         (1993) Electrola 827343
Wahnsinn-die Hits Von'79-'95      (1995) EMI
America                           (1996) EMI
Comics & Pinups                   (1999) EMI/Electrola 498403 2
Tonfilm                           (1999) EMI
Aff Un Zo                         (2001) EMI
Övverall - Live                   (2002) EMI
SONX                              (2004) EMI also SACD und Vinyl LP
Dreimal Zehn Jahre                (2005) EMI
Dreimal Zehn Jahre                (2005) EMI Special Edition: 2 CD + DVD
Das Bap-Flightcase-die Ersten4    (2006) EMI Box-Set
Radio Pandora plugged             (2008) EMI
Radio Pandora unplugged           (2008) EMI
Live Und In Farbe                 (2009) EMI
Halv su wild                      (2011) EMI
Volles Programm                   (2012) EMI 2CD+DVD
Das Märchen vom gezogenen Stecker (2014) Universal 2CDs
Lebenslänglich                    (2016) Universal
Die Beliebtesten Lieder 1976-2016 (2016) Universal 3CDs
Live & Deutlich                   (2018) Vertigo
ALLES FLIESST                     (2020) Vertigo
ALLES FLIESST                     (2020) Vertigo Geburtstags-Edition 3CD/1DVD
Zeitreise/ Live im Sartory        (2024) Vertigo 3CD/4LP


Mit offenen Karten BAP            (1993)
Övverall - Live                   (2002) EMI Video/DVD
Viel Passiert                     (2003) BAP Film von Wim Wenders VHS/DVD
SONX                              (2004) EMI DVD
Dreimal Zehn Jahre                (2005) EMI DVD
Rockpalast Koblenz 1996           (2008) EMI DVD
Rockpalast Grugahalle Essen 1986  (2008) EMI DVD
Rockpalast Loreley 1982           (2008) EMI DVD


Wolfgang Niedecken und BAP - In eigenen Worten
Jörg Peter Klotz - Palmyra 1999

BAP - Vill Passiert - Ein Filmbuch
München 2003, Paperback 120 S. 100 Abb.

BAP - Nach dreißig Jahren
Fritz Werner Haver - Fotografien 2004-2006
Hannibal 2006

BAP - Die Songs 1976 - 2006
Hoffmann & Campe 2006

Wolfgang Niedecken - 70 Jahre
2021 Hoffmann und Campe
895 Seiten ISBN 978-3-45501-146-3

BAP Internet:

All BAP Rockpalast DVDs Information
BAP Rockpalast Markthalle Hamburg 1981
BAP Rockpalast 17.Rocknacht
BAP Rockpalast Koblenz 1996
BAP Rockpalast 1999 Köln Musical Dome
BAP Rockpalast 2001 Konzert an der toten Brücke
BAP Rockpalast WDR
BAP offiziell
Chrischi's BAP Homepage
BAP Wikipedia DE
BAP Wikipedia EN

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BAP DVD - Dreimal zehn Jahre - order at Amazon !

Rockpalast says "CONGRATULATIONS !" to BAP's 20th! Five questions for Wolfgang Niedecken.
Michael Laufersweiler and Uwe Schmalz, Club Info, April 21st 1999:

Rockpalast congratulates you to your band's anniversary. Being 20 years old, you're just slightly younger than Rockpalast itself. What did Rockpalast mean to you when you brought out your first LP "BAP rockt andere kölsche Leeder"?
Niedecken: Rockpalast was a TV-show that couldn't be missed by anyone that hung around with us. It was a very special party. Where else could you see a band play live on TV?

Rockpalast appeals to people between 16 years old and 60 years old - from Tocotronic to Page & Plant. What do you think of this development?
Niedecken: Wonderful! Maybe some people will finally understand that Rock'n'Roll doesn't have anything to do with birthdays and the necessity of youth.

BAP in Rockpalast: First Hamburg, then Loreley (1982), Essen (1986), Koblenz (1996). In which way have you changed - what has stayed the same over the years?
Niedecken: Hamburg (1981, by the way): Still absolute beginners. Loreley: Our breakthrough outside of our region - triple jump - Part III. Essen: Thank God that wasn't the end of Rockpalast yet. Koblenz: Another tour start, but this time with more preparation than at Loreley. We had become a lot more mature, but we still had a lot of passion ( very understated! )

Which Rockpalast concerts do you especially remember in 1998?
Niedecken: All of them!

What do you think the meaning of Rock music live on stage will reach in the future?
Niedecken: I'll quote the big chairman Neil Young: " Rock 'n' Roll will never die!"

"In spite of my catastrophic numbers memory, I'm pretty sure that it was the 28th of August, 1982, that we introduced our album 'Vun drinne noh drusse', during the course of a Rockpalast-Eurovisions airing at the Loreley (almost unrehearsed). It was a wonderful summer evening, sold-out, everything was perfect. I even got to meet Rory Gallagher, one of my biggest heroes, on that day.....not to mention, the spontaneous session at the end of the event: David Lindley, Eric Burdon, Rory Gallagher and BAP played Dylan's 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'. One says, it was finally our multi-regional breakthrough. It's almost unbelievable that that was almost fourteen years ago. Why on earth didn't we play there the whole time? It's high time we do because, after the Berliner Waldbühne, the Loreley is by far the best Open Air location in the country!"
Wolfgang Niedecken - for the 20th anniversary of the Loreley.


01. Interview Rory Gallagher
02. Interview BAP


In memory of David Lindley March 21, 1944 - March 3, 2023  R.I.P.

David Lindley Foto WDR/Manfred Becker WDR text 1982: David Lindley and his band are also flying in from Los Angeles just for their appearance at the Rockpalast Open Air Festival at the Loreley. It will be David Lindley's only appearance in Europe this year. Lindley is an American and has been on the road under his own name for a little more than a year: Nevertheless, at least for the people on the American west coast that know their music, he has been well- known for a while, particularly because of his long-time work as a guitarist for Jackson Browne. On top of that, he's played with almost everyone: Crosby and Nash, Linda Ronstadt and Ry Cooder are only three names.

David Lindley's career can be divided into four parts: As a fourteen-year old, he began to acquire knowledge of the guitar by copying rock'n'roll singles. In the early '60s, he changed over to acoustic folk music and played in cafes and bars. Around 1965, he formed the cult band 'Kaleidoscope' , with which he wanted to create a "musical synthesis of all music styles". The next step was working together with Jackson Browne, whose records and concerts wouldn't be so well-known without the unique sound of David Lindley's electric steel guitar.

The last station for David Lindley, until now, is his own band, with whom he also appeared to an enthusiastic audience in November, 1981, at the Rockpalast Concert in the Metropol in Berlin. In an almost two-hour long concert, Lindley presents the whole range of his musical abilities: As a guitarist, as a steel-guitarist, as a violinist, with the mandolin guitar and the Hawaiian ukulele, and, of course, as a singer.

The musicians of his band give him optimum support, as singers as well as with their instruments. A cut from this concert, the 'Mercury Blues', caused a great sensation at the 10th Rockpalast Festival: On the one hand, everyone was very impressed with the abilities of this band, and on the other, it was twice as sad that during the second attempt, the high tech messed up the enjoyment of the whole number.

That will surely not happen on August 28th. "David Lindley became a term in all of Europe with his appearance at the Rockpalast. Later, he was able to play in sold-out concert halls. A full-blooded musician who was also able to put 17,000 fans under his spell, with his acoustic pieces."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


David Lindley - g, voc
Bernie Larsen - g, voc
Ian Wallace - drums, voc
Jorge Calderon - b, voc


01  Turning Point                              (6'07'')
02  She Took Off My Romeos                     (4'50'')
03  Bye Bye Love                               (3'30'')
04  Rama Lama                                  (4'15'')
05  Spodie                                     (6'26'')
06  Premature                                  (4'48'')
07  Saz                                        (4'40'')
08  Rag Bag                                    (7'40'')
09  Twist And Shout                            (3'15'')
10  Don't Look Back                            (8'05'')
11  Your Old Lady                              (5'55'')
12  Brother John                               (9'15'')
13  Mercury Blues                              (4'45'')
14  Talk To The Lawyer                         (6'30'')


El Rayo-X                                   (1981) WEA/Asylum AS 52 283
Win This Record                             (1982) Asylum 52421
El Rayo Live                                (1983) Asylum 960235-1
Mr.Dave                                     (1985) WEA 252161-1
Very Greasy                                 (1988) Elektra 960 768-1
A World out of Time                         (1992) Shanachie
Playing Real Good                           (1993) JPC CD 7504374
Playing Even Better                         (1995) JPC CD 7504383
Official Bootleg  I                         (1998) ulfTone music UTCD 001 mit Hani Naser
Official Bootleg  II                        (1998) ulfTone music UTCD 002 mit Hani Naser
Twango-Bango-Deluxe                         (1998) ulfTone music UTCD 003 mit Wally Ingram
X-Live                                      (2000) ulfTone
Twango Bango II                             (2001)
Twango Bango III                            (2003)
David Lindley y Wally Ingram Live in Europe (2004)
David Lindley - Big Twang                   (2008)

You can hear David Lindley on hunderds of records as guest musician, like Jackson Browne and Kaleidoscope records, with Hani Naser, Henry Kaiser, Wally Ingram and many Ry Cooder records.


David Lindley
94 Pages, 20 Pages Discography
Star Cluster Verlag, U.Zimmermann Postfach 1521, 58798 Balve

David Lindley Internet:

David Lindley - Metropol Berlin 03.11.1981
David Lindley official
David Lindley Page
David Lindley Rosebud Agency
David Lindley Wikipedia EN
David Lindley Wikipedia DE

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El Rayo Live CD - bei Amazon bestellen!


01. Moderation Alan Bangs & Albrecht Metzger
02. rebroadcast of the part of the BAP show missing due news


In memory of Rory Gallagher 2.3.1948 - 14.6.1995  R.I.P.

Rory Gallagher WDR text 1982: Rory Gallagher will also be at a further premiere of Rockpalast. Five years ago, on July 23rd, 1977, he opened the first Rockpalast Festival in the Grugahalle in Essen. On August 28th, 1982, he will appear at the Rockpalast Open Air Festival at the Loreley. Rory Gallagher is very well-known by all lovers of good rock music in Germany. In many years and in just as many tours, he's been able to summon his own crowd of regulars (including young fans, too), that knew about his beginnings or the name of his earlier group 'Taste', just from hearsay.

Gallagher's strong points are now, just as ever, his live concerts. He immediately brings high spirits in every hall. His trademarks are a very worn-out looking Stratocaster (that's a guitar), an ancient, tiny amplifier, and a straight-out, strongly blues-influenced rock'n'roll. Gallagher varies on-stage. He plays an acoustic piece, he is an outstanding slide-guitarist and also uses an electric mandolin. All in all, he always sees to it that fans and groups at concerts are garanteed to work up a sweat and that they have a great time.

"Rory Gallagher, who closed the concert at the Loreley, was already there in 1977 at the first Rocknacht in Essen. ("The atmosphere was electrical"). This time, he even postponed an American tour in order to follow-up on the invitation for the Loreley. He came with his worn-out strat, which had to be newly grounded, in one night, so that the sound transmission could be done without interference. Rory was in his element: "I especially like Rockpalast Concerts."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

On June 14th, 1995 Rory Gallagher died at the age of 47 from complications of a livertransplant in a hospital in London.
He started the first Rocknacht in the Grugahalle in Essen in 1977. Before that he had already given a Rockpalast concert on 10-6-76 in the studio. It was him as well, who was Peter Rüchel's guest at 'Best of Rockpalast'. All in all he was a Rockpalast guest five times.
On july 26th, 1996 they had a tribute concert at the Loreley in his honor.


Rory Gallagher - g, voc
Gerry McAvoy - bass
Brendan O'Neill - drums
Ray Beavis - saxophon
Harold Casey - saxophon
John Cooke - keyb


01  Way Ward Child                             (4'40'')
02  Double Vision                              (6'25'')
03  Big Guns                                   (4'35'')
04  What In The World                          (6'40'')
05  Nadine                                     (8'25'')
06  Follow Me                                  (4'33'')
07  Bad Penny                                  (5'00'')
08  Bourbon                                    (4'35'')
09  Jinxed                                     (5'20'')
10  Moonchild                                  (5'00'')
11  Brute Force And Ignorance                  (4'20'')
12  The Devil Made Me Do It                    (4'08'')
13  Western Plain                              (4'15'')
14  Ride On Red                                (3'25'')
15  Philby                                     (8'20'')
16  Shadow Play                                (5'55'')
17  Shin Kicker                                (5'10'')
18  Peter Gun                                  (3'20'')


Rory Gallagher                 (1971) Polydor 2383 044
Deuce                          (1971) Polydor 2383 076
Live In Europe                 (1972) Polydor 2383112
Blueprint                      (1973) Polydor 2383189
Tattoo                         (1973) Polydor 2383230
Irish Tour                     (1974) Polydor 2679030
Against The Grain              (1975) Chrysalis 6307563
Calling Card                   (1976) Chrysalis 6307568
Photo-Finish                   (1978) Chrysalis 6307620
Top Priority                   (1979) Chrysalis 6307669
Stage Struck                   (1980) Chrysalis 202884
Jinx                           (1982) Chrysalis 204408
Blues On 2                     (1986) BBC Records
Defender                       (1987) Intercord 145101
Fresh Evidence                 (1990) Intercord 145144
Edged In Blue                  (1992) Intercord 84517
G-Men Bootleg Series           (1992) Strange/Castle 3 CDs
BBC Sessions                   (1999) Strange Music/BMG
Lets Go To Work                (2001) Strange Music/BMG 4 CD Live Box Set
Wheels Within Wheels           (2003) BMG
Big Guns                       (2005) Sony/BMG The very best of Rory Gallagher
Live At Montreux               (2006) Eagle Rock
The Beat Club Sessions         (2010) Eagle Rock
Notes From San Francisco       (2011) 2CD Box Legacy/Sony
Kickback City                  (2013) Sony 3CD
Irish Tour '74                 (2014) Box 7CDs+DVD
Blues                          (2019) Universal 3CDs
Check Shirt Wizard             (2020) Universal - Live In '77
The Best Of                    (2020) Universal 2CD
Rory Gallagher                 (2021) Universal 2CD/4CD+DVD Box Bonus
Deuce - 50th Anniversary       (2022) Universal 4 CDs
All Around Man: Live in London (2023) Universal 2CD


Messin' With The Kid - Live at the Cork Opera House (????) BMG 78min.
Irish Tour                                          (2001) DVD BMG
Rory Gallagher At Rockpalast                        (2004) DVD Fernseh Allianz
Rockpalast Collection                               (2005) 3 DVDs Fernseh Allianz limited Edition
Live At Montreux                                    (2006) Eagle Rock
Ghost Blues - The Story Of Rory Gallagher           (2010) Eagle Rock
Live At Montreux Festival 1975-94                   (2013) Soulfood CD/2DVD


Rory Gallagher - A Biographie
J.-N.Coghe ISBN 1-85635-387-7
Paperback, Mercier Press Ireland 2002

Riding Shotguns - 35 Years on tour with Rory Gallagher and Nine Below Zero
Gerry McAvoy with Pete Chrisp
2005 SPG Triumph Books, Maidstone Kent/England
ISBN 9550320-0-8 346 pages

Starporträts: Mein Leben mit Rory Gallagher (Gebundene Ausgabe) von Gerry McAvoy und Pete Chrisp
318 Seiten Verlag: Heel; Auflage: 1 (März 2007), Sprache: Deutsch, ISBN-10: 3898805697 , ISBN-13: 978-3898805698

RORY GALLAGHER - Der Mensch hinter der Gitarre
Mendoza Verlag 2022 ISBN: 978-3-9822752-2-2

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Rory Gallagher - The Complete Rockpalast Collection
2008 reissued incl Interview with Rory 1976 (Interviewer: Albrecht Metzger) 3 DVD-Box: DVD Info
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Jam Session

Jam Session Foto WDR/Manfred Becker

Jam-Session Loreley

The jam session began with Bob Dylan's 'Knocking on Heaven's Door.' "It led through many rock standards, which Eric Burdon changed and varied, in order to tell about his life and his troubles."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.


Wolfgang Niedecken - voc
Rory Gallagher - g
David Lindley - Slide Guitar
Eric Burdon - voc
Klaus "Major" Heuser - g
Schmal Boecker - Percussions, voc
Alexander Büchel - Keyboards
Gerry McAvoy - Bass
Brendan O'Neill - drums
Ian Wallace - drums
John Cooke - Piano
Ray Beavis - Saxophon
Harold Casey - Saxophon


01. Intro
02. Knocking on Heaven's Door
03. I'm ready
04. Medley
   a) Lucille
   b) Dust my Broom
   c) I'm movin'
   d) Be Ba Be Lua
05. Slow down
06. I have the Blues

2. day 29.08.1982 (not broadcasted live)



UB 40

Fotos © WDR/Manfred Becker/ and Screenshots

Pictures of the 1.Open Air Loreley

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