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The Blues Band Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR text 1980: Paul Jones, music, harmonica player, was one of the English musicians that played their version of the American rhythm and blues in the London clubs in the early '60s. He was one of the original members of 'Manfred Mann', one of the most successful English bands of the '60s. From 1967, Paul Jones, working solo as singer and actor, had similar success as 'Manfred Mann'. In the '70s, hardly anything was heard about him, however. He mainly played theater, released some singles, and took part in occasional jam sessions, one of which was the occasion of Alexis Korner's 50th birthday, which was taped and broadcasted by Rockpalast. At the end of 1979, Paul Jones decided to start up a group again: 'The Blues Band'. The band is made up of Paul Jones, Tom McGuinnese, Hughie Flint, Dave Kelly and Gary Fletcher.

Tom McGuinness, guitar, also began to play music in the early '60s. His first band, 'The Roosters', had a young Eric Clapton in the line-up. McGuinness also belonged to 'Manfred Mann' from 1965 to 1969. His guitar arrangements considerably contributed to 'Manfred Mann's' versions of Dylan compositions like 'With God On Our Side', 'Just Like A Woman', and 'Mighty Quinn', and turned them into successful singles. In the beginning of the '70s, Tom McGuinness formed 'McGuinness Flint' and worked in the last years mainly as a songwriter and producer, before he accepted Paul Jones' offer and helped to form 'The Blues Band'.

Hughie Flint, drums; he is one of England's most experienced rhythm and blues drummers. Along with Eric Clapton, John Mayall and John McVie, he belonged to the legendary 'Bluesbreakers'; later, he played with Alexis Korner, Georgie Fame, Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, and was, naturally, Tom McGuinness' partner in McGuinness Flint.

Dave Kelly, slide guitar and music; he was already well-known in London's clubs. He began as an acoustic guitarist and singer in a folk club, and later, had his own bands, to which his sister Jo Ann also belonged to, and became one of the most respected slide guitarists in England. As second lead singer and as slide guitarist in 'The Blues Band', he managed to be the ideal complement for Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness.

Gary Fletcher, bass, is the youngest member of 'The Blues Band'. Indeed, he didn't have the same musical history as his partners, therefore he built a very solid and dynamic rhythm section together with Hughie Flint. This was the perfect basis for the solos of the front line-up from 'The Blues Band'.

The Blues Band was the best line-up for the opening of the 6th Rocknacht. They glowed from energy and the joy of playing, and the audience raved. In 1982, the band said their goodbyes; records and concerts also showed that the original energy was all used up. Paul Jones drummed the band up together again in 1985 for a benefit event; there were live concerts again and recordings were made again.

What does the Blues Band actually do?

Rockpalast Club Info 13 September 1997

Markus Gygax, from Switzerland, is once again making us aware of the legendary Blues Band. "Boom-boom! The lights went out!" Paul Jones stuttered in his announcement at the 1980 Rockpalast Festival in the Grugahalle in Essen. A concert with pure party feeling. Many fans were brought closer to the blues for the very first time with these up-beat variations and the exciting performance from Gary Fletcher (b, voc), Hughie Flint (dr, perc), Paul Jones (voc, harm), Dave Kelly (git,voc) and Tom McGuiness (git, voc). For the band itself, this gig was the European-wide breakthrough. Remarkably, the group had just released their first record.

Earlier in the British blues circle earlier, the individual members belonged to the group Creme, in different line-ups; however, they later played the LPs 'Ready', 'Itchy Feet', and 'Band Loyalty' together. In December of 1982, the band dissolved itself with the live final record, 'Bye, Bye'. All the musicians remained true to the blues in their solo projects. A reunion in 1987 didn't last long, however, the Blues Band has been around for a few years with the new drummer, Rob Townsend. With their latest CD, '18 Years Old And Alive' in their suitcase in October, they are on tour.


Paul Jones - Vocal/Harp
Tom McGuinness -Guitar
Hughie Flint - Drums
Dave Kelly - Slide/Voc
Gary Fletcher - Bass


01 Come On In To My Kitchen
02 Talk To Me
03 Death Letter
04 Going Home
05 Can't Hold On Much Longer
06 Flatfoot Sam
07 Someday Baby
08 Boom,Boom Out Go The Lights
09 Nadine
10 Maggies Farm
11 I Don't Know
12 Treat Her Right
13 Hoochie Coochie Man
14 Flip, Flop And Fly


Official Bluesband Bootleg Album         (1980)  Arista 202 021
Ready                                    (1980)  Arista 202 887
Itchy Feet                               (1981)  Arista 203 986
Brand Loyality                           (1982)  Arista 204 922
Bye Bye Blues                            (1983)  Arista 205 256
These Kind Of Blues                      (1986)  Line 400160
Back For More                            (1989)  Ariola 210095
Fat City                                 (1991)  RCA PL 75100
Homage                                   (1993)  Castle CSC 7098
Wireless                                 (1995)  Polygram COBCD1
Live At The BBC                          (1996)  BBC Windsong WINCD 082
18 Years Old & Alive                     (1997)  Grapevine/Polygram COBCD2
Brassed Up                               (2000)  Edel/Contraire
Scratchin' On My Screen                  (2001)  Hypertension 1205HYP
Stepping Out                             (2002)  Hypertension 2213HYP
Be My Guest                              (2004)  BGO Records
The Official Gary Fletcher Bootleg Album (2004)  Hypertension Demos for The Blues band
Blues Band Box                           (2005)  Soulfood/BGO 4CD Box
Thank You Brother Ray                    (2006)  Pepper Cake/Zyx
Few Short Lines                          (2012)  Sony	    
Best Of                                  (2012)  Sony
Bye Bye Blues                            (2012)  Repertoire
Live At Rockpalast                       (2013)  Sony Repertoire            
1980 Rock Goes To College                (2015)  Sony Repertoire CD/DVD
Live At The BBC                          (2016)  Repertoire CD+DVD/2LP
The Big Blues Band Live Album            (2017)  Repertoire 2CD
The Rooster Crowd                        (2018)  Repertoire
So Long                                  (2022)  Repertoire


Across Borders -Live-                    (2004)  Hypertension DVD
Live At Rockpalast                       (2013)  Sony Repertoire
1980 Rock Goes To College                (2015)  Sony Repertoire CD/DVD

Blues Band Literature:

Talk To Me Baby - The Story Of The Blues Band
Roy Bainton
Firebird Books ISBN 1-85314201 8


The Blues Band Page
The Blues Band
Gary Fletcher official
Paul Jones BBC Radio 2
The Blues Band Wikipedia DE
The Blues Band Wikipedia EN

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Interview Blues Band


Joan Armatrading Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR text 1980: Joan Armatrading and her band will be opening an extended Europe and America tour with their appearance at the Rockpalast Nacht. Joan was born in December, 1950, on in island in the Caribbean. As a 17-year old, she emigrated to England with her parents; the family based itself in Birmingham. Joan Armatrading actively began making music herself in the mid '60s. She learned how to play piano and guitar. The music that she gladly listened to and that got her started was not from the Beatles or the Stones, but mainly jazz records, especially from Van Morrison.
Working together for a while with the black English lyricist Pam Nestor resulted in Joan Armatrading's first solo record, which was seen as very promising. Joan Armatrading has more than fulfilled this appraisal; she is an absolute exception in English rock music. In her compositions, she uses all the music styles that can be named, and builds such difficult and complicated arrangements, harmonies and tempos together that even the most knowledgeable musicians have difficulties counting the beats.
At live concerts, Joan Armatrading is the focal point. The chosen session musicians in her accompanying band see to it that her sophisticated songs be performed as well as possible. She herself sings and plays guitar in such a way that no extra lighting effects and studied movements are necessary to concentrate attention on her for over one and a half hours. As is already well-known, Richie Hayward will make a comeback at this appearance. This drummer will still be remembered by all Rockpalast friends as he still played for 'Little Feat' in July, 1977 at the first ROCKPALAST-Night.


Joan Armatrading - Voc/Guit
Bill Bodine - Bass
Richie Hayward - Drums/Voc
Rick Hirsch - Guit/Voc
Dick Sims - Keyb/Voc
Richard Belke - Guit


01  Mama Mercy                                 (3'11'')
02  Down To Zero                               (3'41'')
03  Cool Blue Stole My Heart                   (7'04'')
04  I Really Must Be Going                     (4'43'')
05  Me Myself I                                (2'57'')
06  Ma-Me-O-Beach                              (2'42'')
07  Love And Affection                         (4'25'')
08  Rosie                                      (2'45'')
09  How Cruel                                  (2'21'')
10  Turn Out The Light                         (4'16'')
11  You Rope, You Tie Me                       (4'25'')
12  Kissin' And A' Huggin'                     (4'50'')
13  Tall In The Saddle                         (6'31'')
14  Willow                                     (4'36'')
15  When You Kisses Me                         (3'06'')


Whatevers For Us              (1972) Cube INT 146307
Back To The Night             (1975) A&M 68305
Wild Geese                    (1976) A&M
Joan Armatrading              (1976) A&M 27999 (S)
Show Some Emotions            (1977) A&M 68433
To The Limit                  (1978) A&M 64732
How Cruel                     (1979) A&M
Steppin Out                   (1979) A&M 64789
Me Myself I                   (1980) A&M 64809
Walk Under Ladders            (1982)
The Key                       (1983) A&M 64912
Mean Old Man                  (1985) Platinum
Secret Secrets                (1985) A&M
Sleight Of Hand               (1986) A&M 395130
The Shouting Stage            (1988) A&M 395211
Hearts And Flowers            (1990) A&M 395298
Square The Circle             (1992) A&M
What's Inside                 (1995) RCA/BMG 74321272692
Love & Affection (75-83)      (2003) A&M  2CD
Lovers Speak                  (2003) Telstar/BMG
Live All The Way From America (2005)
Joan Armatrading GOLD         (2006) Universal 2CDs
Into The Blues                (2007) Hypertension/Soulfood
This Charming Life            (2010)      
Live At The Royal Alber Hall  (2010) Soulfood
Starlight                     (2012) Soulfood	    
Me Myself I                   (2016) World Tour Concert
Not Too Far Away              (2018)
Consequences                  (2021) BMG/Warner         


The Very Best Of J.A.         (????)
At Rockpalast                 (2005) InAkustik
Live At The Royal Alber Hall  (2010) Soulfood 
Me Myself I                   (2016) World Tour Concert


Joan Armatrading - Rockpalast Studio L Köln 15.02.1979
Joan Armatrading - Rockpalast Köln, Kantine 25.10.2007
Joan Armatrading official
Joan Armatrading
Rick Hirsch official
Joan Armatrading Wikipedia EN
Joan Armatrading Wikipedia DE

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Interview Joan Armatrading

IAN HUNTER BAND feat. Mick Ronson

In memory of Mick Ronson (26 May 1946 - 29 April 1993) R.I.P.


Hunter - Ronson Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR text 1980: Ian Hunter and his band are travelling especially and exclusively from New York to Essen for their appearance at the Rockpalast Nacht. In doing so, many more people will have the chance to see them in concert this time than during their last European visit in London at the end of 1979. Most people will remember Ian Hunter as the outstanding figure from 'Mott the Hoople'. In 1969, this group originated as a second-generation English rock band and became one of the best-loved live attractions in England in the following years, even though they never reached big numbers in sales. This changed in 1972 when David Bowie, as producer, took care of the group and also wrote their first successful single, 'All The Young Dudes'. In 1974, Ian Hunter left 'Mott the Hoople' and together with Mick Ronson, the former guitarist for David Bowie, tried to realize their musical ideas.

This did not succeed with the first attempt. Ian Hunter released solo LPs and worked as a producer for, amongst others, 'Generation X'. Mick Ronson became a guitarist in Bob Dylans' 'Rolling Thunder Revue', and later on, worked as producer and guitarist with Roger McGuinn. In 1979, Hunter and Ronson jointly renewed their efforts to start something together. That result is the 'Ian Hunter Band' which will appear at the Rockpalast-Nacht on April 19th, 1980.

After a long period of time, this band is offering Ian Hunter the possibility to completely fulfill his variety of musical wishes, according to their statement. Ian Hunter is one of the rock musicians who looks at his job from a critical distance, and this also goes for the contents of his songs. So, it's no wonder that Hunter is the author of a book with the titel 'Diary of a Rock'n'Roll Star'. In concerts, Hunter and his band play more ballads than other bands do, along with straight rock numbers and in so doing, allow people to remember his performances not because of the singer with the large sunglasses, but as special events.

In concert, they were totally rock. Hunter informed himself earlier in which countries Rockpalast was to be seen. He worked that into the song 'Cleveland Rocks'. Essen rocks...Paris rocks...Sweden rocks.....and so on.

Mick Ronson died of cancer on April 29th, 1993.

His colleague's death really affected Hunter and it was quiet about him. Hunter: "The first half of the '90s was a catastrophe, but slowly, it was getting better. More and more, I've come to realize that Mick gave me a lot of energy along the way. It was the same with my father. Such losses are simply very inspirational." Ian Hunter is there again with the 1997 album 'The Artful Dodger'.


Ian Hunter - Voc/Guit
Mick Ronson - Guit/voc
Martin Briley - Bass
Geaorge Meyer - Keyb/Sax
Tom Mandel - Keyb
Tom Morrongiello - Guit
Eric Parker - Drums


01  FBI                                        (3'33'')
02  Once Bitten Twice Shy                      (5'09'')
03  Angeline                                   (4'35'')
04  Laugh At Me                                (3'38'')
05  Irene Wilde                                (4'06'')
06  I Wish I Was Your Mother                   (6'22'')
07  Just Another Night                         (6'43'')
08  We Gotta Get Out Of Here                   (3'44'')
09  Bastard                                    (7'00'')
10  Memphis                                    (3'57'')
11  Cleveland Rocks                            (7'22'')
12  All The Young Dudes                        (3'34'')
13  Slaughter On 10th Avenue                   (2'26'')


Ian Hunter                                           (1975)  CBS
All American Alien Boy                               (1976)  CBS
Overnight Anglels                                    (1977)  CBS
Youre Never Alone With A Shizophrenic                (1979)  Chrysalis
Welcome To The Club                                  (1980)  Chrysalis
Short Back And Sides                                 (1981)  Chrysalis
All Of The Good Ones Are Taken                       (1983)  CBS
YUI Orta                                             (1990)  Mercury
Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry                           (1995)  Cleveland Int.
BBC Live In Concert                                  (1995)  Windsong
The Artful Dodger                                    (1997)  Polydor 531 794.2
Once Bitten Twice Shy                                (2000)  Sony
Missing In Action                                    (2000)  Live
Rant                                                 (2001)  Papillon
Strings Attached                                     (2003)  Universal
The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nuthin' But The Truth (2005)  Snapper Music/SPV
Shrunken Heads                                       (2007)  Jerkin Crocus/inakustik
Man Overboard                                        (2009)  Attack
Live at Rockpalast                                   (2011)  MIG
The Singles Collection 1975-83                       (2012)  Rough Trade
When I'm President                                   (2012)  Rough Trade & The Rant Band
From The Knees Of My Heart                           (2012)  EMI 4CDs
Fingers Crossed                                      (2016)  H'Art
Stranded In Reality                                  (2016) 28CDs+2DVDs
Defiance Part 1                                      (2023)  Virgin
Defiance Part 2: Fiction                             (2024)  Virgin

Laing,Hunter,Ronson,Pappalardi: The Secret Sessions (1999) Inakustik/Pet Rock Records 9600042
Mick Ronson: Slaughter on 10th Avenue (1974) Snapper Play Don't Worry (1975) Snapper Heaven and Hull (1994) Epic Showtime (2000) Pilot Memorial Concert (2001) EFA CD88561-2 Only After Dark (2020) Cherry Red 4CDs
The CD "Welcome to the club" is nearly identical with the Rockpalast concert


Strings Attached - Live at Sentrum Scene Oslo 2002 (2003) Universal
Just Another Night - Liva At The Astoria 2005      (2005) Secret DVD
Live at Rockpalast                                 (2011)  MIG
Beside Bowie - The Mick Ronson Story               (2018) Universal


HUNTER, IAN Diary Of A Rock`n Roll Star

Mick Ronson - The Spider With The Platinum Hair
Weird & Gilly, London 2003, 256S. 20 Abb.


Ian Hunter official
Ian Hunter
Mott the Hoople - Hunter Homepage
The Mott the Hoople Fan Page
Ian Hunter Wikipedia DE
Ian Hunter Wikipedia EN
Mott the Hoople Wikipedia EN
Mott the Hoople Wikipedia DE

Mick Ronson:
Mick Ronson Wikipedia DE
Mick Ronson Wikipedia EN

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Interview Ian Hunter Band


In memory of Dusty Hill  - May 19, 1949 Dallas - July 28, 2021 in Houston R.I.P.


ZZ TOP Foto WDR/Manfred BeckerWDR text 1980: ZZ Top, a blues rock group from Texas, will close the Rockpalast-Nacht on April 19th and 20th, 1980, with a special climax. The appearance of this 'Little Old Band From Texas' has many special features. For one, this is the very first appearance of this group outside of the USA. For another, Z Z Top has accepted an offer for a TV concert for the first time. Z Z Top is a three-man band from Houston, Texas. It was formed in 1970 by guitarist and singer, Billy Gibbons. Musical models for Z Z Top were, on the one hand, the then successful trios like 'Jimi Hendrix Experience', or 'Cream'; and, on the other hand, black musicians like Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and John Lee Hooker.

After problems in the beginning (the group gladly tells about the complete concert that they gave in the beginning for a single fan somewhere in southwestern Texas), Z Z Top became the most popular band in Texas with their straight music until 1972, and not seldomly played open-air concerts for upwards from 30,000 visitors. Under the titel 'Taking Texas to the World', Z Z Top undertook a US tour in 1976. The band brought along their own stage, in the form of the state of Texas, a buffalo, rattlesnakes, and different other attractions which they managed. Untill today, this tour is the most successful of any rock band in the USA. There will be no animals at Z Z Top's appearance at the Rockpalast-Nacht on April 19th and 20th, 1980. The group will present top quality blues, boogie and rock'n'roll on the stage in the Grugahalle and will also see to it that there's a lot to see. Motto: "Let's boogie till the cows come out" - or: "We want to dance till the cows wake up".

"As the report came to the staff that Z Z Top wanted to play at the Rockpalast Nacht, there was also a diplomatic problem. Namely, the group wanted to bring along their own stage. That was, of course, not possible. Peter was called upon to come to Chicago himself to explain it to the group. To be on the safe side, he also brought along his stage manager, Terry Price, from TASCO, who lives and works in the USA. Earlier, Z Z Top travelled with their own stage in the shape of Texas and with their own veterinarian. He was responsible for the four animals that were on the stage at concerts: A bison, a longhorn steer, a vulture ( it was supposedly musical) and a rattlesnake in a glass pyramid. It wasn't that bad this time. Peter met the group. Dusty Hill and Frank Beard immediately noticed that Peter had striking similarities with Will Sampson, the Indian from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', with whom they are friends.

And then it was time. The tape with the Z Z Top concert that had already started, was playing. Peter stood on-stage next to the tour manager, Bill 'Pester' Tickle, and asked: "Are the boys ready?" Flabbergasted reply: "Hell, no". Bill quickly brought his 200 pounds into motion. The three musicians tripped up the stage, exactly right for the seamless passage to a live concert."
From: 10 Jahre Rockpalast.

The concert was a great success and now Z Z Top is famous all over Europe.

What does Z Z Top actually do ?

Uwe Schmalz Club Info 9, January, 1997

Quite simple. They continue to play and still play the blues. The 6000 fans jam- packed in Radio City Music Hall in the middle of New York were convinced of that. After the good two-hour long Z Z Top program with cutting, earthy boogie woogie blues, they grooved the rest of Friday night in high spirits. Last summer, many fans wondered about rather weak appearances of the band in Europe. But Billy, Dusty and Frank are once again totally with it: Without digressions, with simple stage sets (amps, PA, drums) and lots and lots of fun playing. A successful comeback, also with cuts from the new, down-to-earth CD, naturally. Moreover: Could you imagine presenting Z Z Top in a plush hall with theater seats and baroque-style curtains? No beer inside...! No smoking...! It worked.. and how!!! After the concert, in a conversation with Peter Rüchel, Billy Gibbons sent his best wishes to the Rockpalast fans.


Billy Gibbons - Gitarre, Gesang
Dusty Hill - Bass, Gesang
Frank Beard - Schlagzeug


01  I Thank You                                (     ?)
02  Waiting For The Bus                        (6'25'')
03  Jesus Just Left Chicago                    (3'30'')
04  Precious And Grace                         (2'31'')
05  I'm Bad I'm Nationwide                     (4'05'')
06  Manic Mechanic                             (3'10'')
07  Lowdown In The Street                      (2'55'')
08  I Heard It On The X                        (2'22'')
09  Fool For Your Stockings                    (5'42'')
10  Nasty Dogs, Funky Kings                    (4'25'')
11  El Diabolo                                 (3'33'')
12  Cheap Sunglasses                           (4'11'')
13  Arrested For Driving While Blind           (4'32'')
14  Beer Drinkers Hell Raisers                 (2'51'')
15  La Grange                                  (8'00'')
16  She Loves My Automobile                    (2'19'')
17  Hifi Mama                                  (3'07'')
18  Dust My Broom                              (3'22'')
19  Jailhouse Rock                             (1'41'')
20  Tush                                       (3'17'')
21  Tube Snake Boogie                          (2'29'')
22  Just Get Paid                              (3'45'')


Z Z Top's First Album      (1970)  London PS 584
Rio Grande Mud             (1972)  London SHAU 133
Tree Hombres               (1973)  London SHA 142
Fandango                   (1975)  London PS 656
Tejas                      (1977)  London PS 680
Deguello                   (1979)  Warner 56701
The Best of ZZ Top         (1979)  Sampler
El Loco                    (1981)  Warner 56929
Eliminator                 (1983)  Warner 923 774-1
Afterburner                (1985)  Warner 925 342-1
Six Pack                   (1987)  WEA die ersten 6 Lp's auf 3 CD's
Recycler                   (1990)  WEA
Greatest Hits              (1992)  WEA
Antenna                    (1994)  RCA/BMG 74321182602
One Foot In The Blues      (1994)  WEA
Rythmeen                   (1996)  RCA/BMG 74321394662
XXX                        (1999)  RCA/BMG 74321693722
Mescalero                  (2003)  RCA
Chrome, Smoke & BBQ        (2003)  Rhino USA - The ZZ Top Box
Rancho Texicano            (2004)  Rhino/Warner
Live from Texas            (2008)  Edel 
Live At Rockpalast         (2012)  Edel
La Futura                  (2012)  Universal	    
The Complete Studio Albums (2013)  Warner 10CDs 1970-1990            
The Very Baddest Of        (2014)  Warner
Hi-Fi Mama... Live '80     (2016)  Soulfood
Live! Greatest Hits        (2016)  Warner
Goin' 50                   (2019)  Warner 3CD
Raw                        (2022)  BMG (Original Soundtrack)

Billy Gibbons:

Perfectamundo              (2015)  Concord
The Big Bad Blues          (2018)  Concord
Hardware                   (2021)  Concord


Greatest Hits                       (2004) Warner DVD
ZZ Top - Live from Texas            (2008) Edel DVD
Double Down Live/Live at Rockpalast (2009) Edel DVD
Live At Montreux 2013               (2014) Eagle
The Little Ol' Band From Texas      (2020) Eagle Blu-ray            


ZZ Top - Illustrierte Dokumentation plus Diskografie
Jürgen Seibold, 80 Seiten
VIP Moewig ISBN 3-552-05142-2

David Blayney
Sharp-Dressed Men
ZZ Top Behind the Scenes from Blues to Boogie to Beard
New York 1994 Paperback,239 Seiten, ca. 25 Abb.

More ZZ TOP Literature



ZZ Top Page, official
ZZ Top
The Little ol' Web Page from Texas
Mike's ZZ Top Zone
ZZ Top Wikipedia DE
ZZ Top Wikipedia EN

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ZZ Top CD - at Rockpalast - order now at Amazon ! CD nur mit dem Rockpalast Konzert

ZZ Top DVD - Live From Texas - order at Amazon !

ZZ Top DVD - Greatest Hits - order at Amazon !

Fotos © WDR/Manfred Becker

Pictures of the 6.Rocknight


In Concert 6.Rocknacht - Musiker 06/1980 (german)

Freundschaft mit Rockpalast - Spotlight 06/1980 (german)

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